AHA Drumming

Helen specialises in using the power of rhythm to develop the brain. Having written researched and presented on the neuroscience of rhythm and entrainment, her events and HEARTCHILD Home intervention program offer therapeutic benefits for Autism, ADD ADHD, Anxiety and reduces symptoms of many conditions and restores family harmony.




What people are saying about Helen:

Nora Harrington

Bainbridge Island, U.S.A.

“I really liked working with Heleniq, learning from her was pretty revolutionary for me…the way she taught.. made the knowledge accessible…As a facilitator, Heleniq is unshakably calm…exuding a grounded and radiant presence. It is inspiring to watch… I felt like no matter what scheduling hiccups or unforeseen circumstances arose, she was going to smooth them out gracefully and calmly. Also, I felt her love, devotion and warmth toward the participants of the workshop… she seemed very comfortable in her position as the leader and facilitator. A very special gift. You are the lionheart.

Heather Wolf

Bainbridge Island, U.S.A.

“Your talk on brain wave states & the pineal gland & all the implications of drumming… sets a collective context that is very moving & inspiring. Bridging between states of mind, moving often and swiftly back & forth between meta & small thinking mind states strengthens our ability to shift mentally on our own, which is the greater purpose, the skill you awaken & teach…Thank you, again, for your generous large heart, playful lightness & beauty in your visit! What a joy it was to have you.”

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