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                      Dedicated to elevating women leaders through comprehensive digital marketing, speaking opportunities and  prime niche peak performance strategies designed to help you become highly desirable and respected in your industry.

About the Accelerator

Our program provides immersive experiences, tailored support and resources to women leaders aiming to enhance their visibility and influence. Through a combination of expert-led consultation, hands-on coaching, and prime networking opportunities, we ensure you are equipped with the tools needed to excel.

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Write a chapter for our next research study made into a book project all about the : 

Women who Crack the Mould

Get expert help, build, leverag and expand your reach and impact with expert SEO and ‘hand held’ digital marketing:

Exceptional personal branding acceleration

Speak on our Cyprus stage, join epic masterminds, rub shoulders and activate change with real leaders of top integrity! 

Publishing Credibility

A supportive environment fostering personal and professional growth for leaders to excel in their mission through expert driven guidance, speaking leverage,

regular meetings, and  digital marketing excellence, with … 

With Seasoned Experts

Dr Angelica Benavides

Dr. B., known as the Ultimate Legacy Builder, empowers entrepreneurs globally by enhancing their visibility, exposure, and influence. Specializes in using storytelling for healing, she is a renowned influencer, world-class storyteller,     and best-selling author, featured on NBC, USA Today, Fox, and recognized as an Amazing Women of Influence. Sharing stages with Forbes Riley and Joe Vitale, Dr B has also :

  • Created over 10 Book Anthologies
  • Developed authors and co authors to tell their story and package unique content
  • Built a special live and offline business model to optimize visibility and executive networking. 

Helen Argyrou

With a 30k on Linkedin network, 6 conferences in 3 countries and 13 more showcasing her expertise, Helen designs and curates exceptional content. Leaders and Speakers who work with her learn to sell, to move audiences into unique atmospheric experiences and solve challenges in their industry, positioning them as exceptional pioneers. Most significantly, she has been : 

  • Featured on the Shift Network as Enneagram trainer
  • Highly respected and awarded for  innovative social entrepreneurship expertise 
  • Women of Truth Platform founder for 9 years 
  • Co author of 2 books & authored a  best-seller remedying womens’ imposter  syndrome/ false pride 
  • Spoken in over 20 countries and elevated over 170 speakers to stage
  • An academic and researcher, with proven ability to develop your intellectual property.   

Elena Andreou

Elena is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Digital Marketing, specializing in SEO. She drives business growth by maximizing digital authority through a comprehensive approach encompassing SEO, personal branding, data analysis, social networking, and competitive research. She is currently: , studying gender stereotypes and personal branding in a doctoral study while managing : 

  • Studying gender stereotypes and personal branding in a doctoral study 

  • CEO of Go Digital Globally

  • The Life Winners Association, IFE Magazine Founder
  • Go Digital Cyprus Conference.

Hand Held Personal Branding

And Authority Marketing

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Digital Marketing

A strong online presence is crucial so we help you optimise:

  • A Personal Brand  that is unique and compelling but also credible for new level leadership. 
  • Social Media Strategies that  increase relevance and engagement. on your platforms
  • Content Creation: that resonates with target audiences but also help you become an unforgettable industry leader.   
  • SEO and Analytics  so you track and improve your online performance.


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Authority Ranking

Expert Data analysis and Speaker leveraging are powerful ways we help optimise your authority:

  • Personalised Presentation Skills with coaching 
  • Higher Purpose Message Delivery in White papers, Think Tanks and 
  • Speaking Engagements in exotic locations at industry conferences, webinars, and events.
  • Media Training to handle media interviews and public appearances
  •  Private TV options plus specialised Ted X and referrals to high profile listings.   

With Steady Growth

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

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Audit + Strategy

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Visibility PR & Publicity

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Brand Identity/

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Digital Marketing

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Content Strategy/

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Media/ Speaking

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12

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Service Dev

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Thought Leadership

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Speaker Excellence

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Leveraging Digital Assets

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Visibility PR & Publicity

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Paradigm Shifter Recap

Thought Leadership

We also help you build and leverage professional networks within a Long-Term Vision:

Create a plan for sustaining and growing the personal brand over time.

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Engage Insight Driven Credibility and Authority 
  • Establish your expertise with in-depth insights on industry trends, challenges, and solutions

     White Papers/      E-books/ Articles 

  • Example: “The Future of Leadership: Navigating Digital Transformation in 2024”
  • Your Case Studies showcase best practice of your high-end packages and tangible benefits they bring… include challenges they faced, the solutions you provided, and the results achieved.
  • Example: “How Our Executive Coaching Program Transformed Leadership at XYZ Corp” 
  • Centering around profound purposeful

    Position Purposefully …

  • …that positions you as a thought leader in your field and a paradigm shifter in your industry.
  • Content: Insights, opinions, and predictions on industry trends, leadership strategies, and innovative practices.
  • Example: “Leading Through Change: Strategies for Executive Success in Uncertain Times”
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Leadership Excellence and Wild Ways to Engage!
  • Engage directly with potential clients, showcase your expertise, in Live presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, 

    Workshops, Lives and Summits 

  • Example: “Executive Masterclass: Effective Leadership in the Age of Disruption” 
  • Develop quality content with our tips tools for testimonials and 

    Video, TV, Premium Options

  • …that provide social proof and demonstrate real-world successin igh-quality video interviews with clients discussing their positive experiences and the impact of your services.
  • Example: “Client Success Story: How Our Leadership Development Program Boosted Productivity at ABC Inc.”  

    Become a Paradigm Shifter

  • Get booked on Podcasts, featured in top magazines, and in our group 
  • Include groundbreaking content in all you do. 
  • Example: How to Optimise your Top 10 Leadership Insights in ‘X’ industry”.
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Personalising your Lead Generation
  • Nurture leads with targeted, personalized content that addresses their specific needs and interests.
  • Customize offers, and calls-to-action boosting relevance  and reach
  • Example: “Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Exclusive Insights & Offers Just for You.  

    Exclusive Events/ Roundtables etc…

  • Create networking opportunities, direct engagement with high-level prospects in an exclusive settings. 
  • Example: “Executive Leadership Roundtable: Innovation and Strategy in the Modern Age” 
  • Demonstrate the value of your services with assessments, ROI calculators, interactive strategies and more …
  • Example: “Leadership Style Assessment: Discover Your Strengths and Growth Areas”

    Design Details/ Brochures and Sales Decks

  • Create designs to invitation-only events, roundtable discussions, and networking dinners with industry leaders that always inspire.

That's not All !

Share Our Executive Network

Leadership Positioning

Establishing authority and connect with your audience. Our program offers:

  • Presentation Skills: Enhance your public speaking skills through personalized coaching and feedback.
  • Speaking Engagements: Gain access to exclusive speaking opportunities at industry conferences, webinars, and events.
  • Media Training: Learn how to handle media interviews and public appearances with confidence.

Worldwide Networking

Connecting with quality heartbased leaders worldwide is crucial for real impact, so we refine:

  • Exclusive Networking Events by invitation-only, connecting you to seasoned experts. 
  • Mentorship to guide you to take your success global.
  • Collaboration Options that engage you internationally to broaden your experience and showcase your expertise.
  • Network with our group members, a prequalified network of both potential clients and like-minded colleagues.  

Excelsior Masterminds

Napoleon Hill popularized Masterminds  in ‘Think & Grow Rich’. Peer-to -peer mentoring for leaders solve problems together:

  • Peer Support: Members share their expertise and encourage each other.
  • Accountability: They hold each other accountable for goal achievement.
  • Knowledge Sharing: A Platform for sharing insights and best practices. 
  • Brainstorming: Solving challenges by leveraging group intelligence.
  • Networking: Finding more options to expand and enrich your professional network.

With over 21 partners, we customize and connect you to our prime media partners and collaborators like :

wworld elle

High End Networking

Once a month meet Women of the World and one other network so you can 

  • build new leads, get clients and new contacts


  • explore joint ventures 


  • promote your products and services to quality contacts worldwide.

Optimised Seo and Branding

Work with our professional personal branding consultant and SEO expert to  maximise and optimise:

  • your online presence and overall digital marketing strategies


  • authority score and ranking 


  • credibility and correct 

Global Change Partners

Mastermind with exclusive networks with various expertise and objectives so you:  

  • meet SDG focussed leaders, humanitarians, founders and foundations
  • offer your expertise to solve global challenges
  • bring your innovative approach and unique intelligence to relevant and meaningful world platforms 
  • explore and promote your career insights to inspire and become inspired. 

Global Media Partners

Once a month meetings with Women of the World and one other network so you can:

  • build new leads, get clients and new contacts


  • explore joint ventures with experts with over 20y experience.


  • promote your products and services to quality contacts worldwide.

Speak On Our Stages & Leverage

With conferences in Cyprus, Dubai and The Netherlands, our niche executive network is ready to travel the world, will you join us ? 







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