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Integrative Health Conference and Mastermind 

31 May 2024, Avani Hotel, Dubai  

Meet 30 global health experts and 50 innovative leaders to promote  integrative health for women and future mothers. 


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International Events 

Why World Leaders Endorse Helen's Vision ...

Retreat in Cyprus
Speakers, authors, coaches in wellness

After hosting 4 conferences in Cyprus, Netherlands and soon Dubai we always return to rest and integrate it all in the mystical island of Cyprus…

Join us and more awakwning women ! 

Helen invites you to a Llife Changing Divine Feminine Experience in Cyprus


Previous Events

Conferences, Summits and Research Projects in Cyprus, Netherlands, Dubai and Online Since 2015 

Cyprus and

The Netherlands

Our Original Leader Speakers from Cyprus

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The Netherlands 2019

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Are your struggling to keep a constant flow of clients ?

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Lovers of Our Inner Circle

Reina Pathan

Human Rights Lawyer, Empower Beyond Boundaries N.G.O. Founder, Coach and Trainer

“Heleniq has been a fantastic mentor! She has an ability to understand how to connect with people on a deep level and deliver what they need. Her program helped me gain insight into how to structure my business and speak to my target audience.Additionally, her speaker program gave me insight into effective public speaking and the different methods of public speaking. I had the opportunity to prepare and deliver my speech to an online audience. I have also had the opportunity to meet and network with female thought leaders that are all contributing towards the change that we as women of this century need. It’s been great working with Heleniq and she has opened the doors to many opportunities for me going forward! “

Tonia Kyriakou​

Ammos, Cyprus beach bar Cofounder, Foodie and ‘Pop the Revolution’ Mastermind

“Helen’s program is so profound and life changing. She is an inspiration of boundless truth and knowledge and her clarity, deep intuition and sensitivity unmasks your inner truth and opens the journey within! MORE She is dedicated to empowering women and revealing the leaders of this new paradigm she is creating through her knowledge, spirituality and unique and magnetic character! My experience with her touched my life, my inner world and revealed my truth and a whole new perspective on living! Feeling so blessed and so much gratitude!”

Helena Georgiou

Natural Healing & Health Founder, The Truth about Sexual Abuse Secrets Public Speaker

“I have been using her fantastic expertise for the past three years, and have always been completely satisfied…her Inner Circle Business Development course helped me immensely with goal setting, marketing and discovering my WHY so I can connect to my unique clients. MORE As my business expanded, I then embarked on Heleniq’s Speaker Program which I found to be effective for both my public speaking and online webinars. It boosted my confidence and helped  me offer exactly what the audience required. Her wonderful worldwide network of amazing women…offer great value for their magnificent services, connecting women with informative discussions..Since working alongside Heleniq over the years, I have grown from strength to strength both personally and professionally.”

Inner Circle Bonus

Get another 100k views with our Media Partners in a 10 min interview

Get featured as New Speakers on Speakers Frequency Fridays Showcase

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w o m e n w h o c r a c k t h e m o u l d

write a chapter on your


how you cracked the mould !

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Write a chapter about how you Cracked  The Mould 

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Join us on our Conference Stage in 2025

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Meet Some of our Women of truth

Known as Dr.B., the Ultimate Legacy Builder, Angelica increases visibility, exposure, and influence helping entrepreneurs globally. Using storytelling to share your unique life journey as a method of healing is her big thing.

Dr Angelica Benavides

Alex helps passion-driven entrepreneurs and high achievers to realise financial freedom & lead without overwhelm.   If you are serious about your leadership development, she has the tools for you.

Alex Vitillo

Having had first-hand experience in overcoming the brutal challenge of being dependent on antidepressants and taking a leap of faith by letting go of her corporate job as a VP, Deborah transformed herself in finding her true purpose and passion for healing. In less than a year she became an international best selling author and turned her life around dramatically and became a mindset coach.

Deborah Cherrey

After overcoming burnout working in surgery, Sabrina became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker and Advisor now empowering ambitious health practice owners and their teams to build mental immunity. All to increase  productivity while getting back 10 hours per week.

Sabrina Runbeck MPH, MHS, PA-C

This is the motto that holistic pharmacist and health coach Hatice lives by. Channelling the wisdom gained from her own life’s struggles in managing the turmoil of emotions during times of loss and tragedy, Hatice believes communication plays a central role in balancing mental and physical harmony and using the power of connection before correction and learning to communicate from the heart.

Hatice Ozalp

Having witnessed first-hand the tragic effects of mental health sickness and addiction in her own family, Francesca learned to believe that ‘caring is magic’ which includes taking care of oneself. As an inner wisdom therapist, her study revealed that body reactions and emotional integration leads to so many signals and messages throughout the body. Helping people become aware of those body signals is her main work

Francesca Richardson PHD

Join our Vip Speaker List

Established Author and Researcher on Gender and Female Leadership :  

  • The Biggest Lie Womens Beleive and the Women of Truth
  • Delusions of Glamdear The Construction of a Drag Persona Identity
  • Gender Identity and Gender Piety Expert
  • Guru Guide – Making Female Workplaces Freindly Author 


Women of truth

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