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Coaching sessions 18 x 60min over 6 months including seminars, events  strategic networking 

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Leaders and Speakers

An 8 week video course teaching you 4 specific skills with another 8 actionssteps to learn and grow through your challenges.

Not just any speaking course. Learn how to develop unique intelligence for enigmatic speaking, distinctive messaging and build your mission to become a thought leader with an original point of view. Strategise ways to optimise content so you become a memorable extraordinary speaker ready to transform the audiences biases and outdated life perspectives.

Customised coaching that helps you position your speaking and credibility through speaking to shift or disrupt the narrative in business, health or any field ypou wish to pioneer a new perspective. Includes the online course material and multiple networks for speaking gigs. 

A 5 week online course or simple read through document done at your own pace with exercises and guidance on maximising health and wellness after any injury illness burnout or problem, based on personal experience and clinical perspective.

Become a speaker on our next Thought Leader Summits plus article, book and magazine promotion packages includes exclusive invites to masterminds for optimised visibility and authority marketing.

AHA Corporate Solutions

60 – 90min Training Seminars for €327

Women of Truth

This is a authority marketing package to help you arrange a powerful pitch for your business publicity or visibility strategy. Ideal for a investors pitch, a memorable speech climactic message or introduction to a possible business development or visibility strategy. It includes 2 x 90m sessions and a 30min feedback session.

Done for you publicity package for one year.

Done for You executive Package with Lazer Coaching and Refined Referrals

Visiblity and Publicity Training webinars 3x monthly, group coaching, Q+A sessions, Private Facebook group Community, Connect and network meetings monthly and annual live conference meetings and unlock a online course on ways to shortcut

Special Archetypes Masterclass Training

“Unlock The Mysteries Of the Archetypes, Gain A Deep Insight Into Your Icons,
the ancient Greek Mythology in Psychology & Truly Harness Your Intuition”


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Special Interventions

An 8 week video course taught by two psychologist yogis that activates higher brain centres. For whole brain function, deeper concetration, creative problem solving and rejuvenation. 

A 4 month home program using a rhythmic entrainment intervention customised to reduce symptoms. Includes Couples Councelling and Family Therapy.



As the founder of HELEN AHA, clinical psychologist HELEN ARGYROU has created innovative programmes and solutions for today’s challenges for global corporations, SMEs, women leaders, young trailblazers dedicated to improving their health and entrepreneurs who want to make paradigm shifts in the way they lead and manage their businesses.

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