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The Biggest Lie Women Beleive and the Women of Truth

Over 100 interviews with Health Thought Leaders help present unique insights into how spirit meets science to revolutionise the future of women s’ health. Meet these Women of Truth, their breakthroughs and discover the biggest lies women beleive and the deeper truth, that sets us all free.

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  • Are you in survival mode or thriving?
  • Do colleagues seek your approval before making a tiny decision ? 
  • Are they empowered to take the initiative and lead from within?
Then this is or you ?

The Visionary Women Leaders: Discovering the Greatness Within purpose is can help Visionary Leaders Turn their Vision into Reality.

Discover how 20 fabulous ladies took their challenges and used them as ammunition to do what it takes to be great. You have been told and programmed to think small and shrink.

This book will encourage you to think big and create a big vision that will impact millions. 

This book is one way
 in which the authors
provide hopeful 
messages to
cancer survivors and families of those who
lost their cancer battles.

Contributions by : 

Jorge Vásquez * Dr. Randi D. Ward * Diego Vásquez *Helen Argyrou * Jeff Cade * Amelia Fjellvard * Dawn Gaden
Tamara L. Hunter * Dr. Wendy              Labat * Michelle Mras                   * Coach MJ Tolan                 * Laura Fernández Pérez
Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona      * Carlos René and the Ramírez Tribe 

Understanding leadership, trust or high-performance theory is different from real-world experience and knowing what it feels like when change occurs.

During our peer-to-peer sessions, training, and seminars, we emphasise practical application, best practice, and participants’ own experience.

The sessions are designed to share insights, provoke reflection and thought so that you can apply learnings in your own environment once you have completed a session.



Projects slip when colleagues are taken for granted, or there is a lack of clarity on who is accountable for what. Early warning signs of tension in a team are often overlooked until the risk escalates into a significant problem.

Our work focuses on supporting and coaching you and the linchpins in your organisation so that good decision-making and critical thinking are embedded within the team.

Anticipating consequences while understanding the group dynamic, creates space so you can lead, enabling timely decision-making and actions in your organisation.

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The Neuroscience of Drumming Book

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Women Who Crack The Mould

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& design the new future for women       The New Femininity.  

Flow Mojo or Druminspire

Connect your right and left brain hemispheres for higher creativity. Learn the art of self-mastery so you can 


with the unified field of existence.   This is the flow state drumming enhances which science proves drops cortisol, peaks performance and a state of ecstasy !  

Expand Bandwidth E Book 

Six diverse health focussed leaders present unique daily routine practices that help us 


into a renewed sense of self.

A self that has new levels of tolereances beyond resilience… a bandwidth that has expanded. 

Meet the Women of Truth in My Book

B-Global l International Author l Publisher l Speaker l Educator

“Your Story Matters !”

Known as Dr.B., the Ultimate Legacy Builder, Angelica increases visibility, exposure, and influence helping entrepreneurs globally. Using storytelling to share your unique life journey as a method of healing is her big thing. She helps you discover why so often women tell themselves the biggest lie – that they don’t have the courage and bravery to overcome the biggest hurdles and challenges life throws at them. She’ll help you find the courage to confront your fears and doubts and build your trust in the process of life to heal and overcome your innermost wounds.
A zealous renowned speaker, coach,transformational expert who is committed to taking people to the next level and motivating them to realise transformation. She has been a Director for Special Education in one of the biggest districts in Texas where students have made significant gains. She has been a campus administrator, master teacher, mentor, staff development director within her department, and founder of Angelic Touch Wellness Center (healing and transformational centre), Unified MINDS Academy (online middle and high school alternative program), and

Leading Shamanic Priestess of Wealth and Wellbeing

“We are not less than men, we are not less than anyone”

Alex helps passion-driven entrepreneurs and high achievers to realise financial freedom & lead without overwhelm.   If you are serious about your leadership development, she has the tools for you.

 Equipped with her own experience of being widowed with two young children and learning to rise to the challenge of finding her own strength in achieving financial freedom. She channels the power and wisdom gained from meditation, mindfulness and energy healing. She re-trained herself in several energy techniques and has developed her own methodology. Alex is also an expert in working with Sacred Money Archetypes to help her clients reach financial abundance through the path of least resistance.

Alex is a published author, TV host of the weekly show “Rebel Into Riches”, an international speaker, featured in international media. Alex is also professionally qualified as a Matchmaker and a Quantum Flow practitioner.

Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, International Best-Selling Author, Intuitive, Blogger

“Accept the Diagnosis not the Prognosis”

Having had first-hand experience in overcoming the brutal challenge of being dependent on antidepressants and taking a leap of faith by letting go of her corporate job as a VP, Deborah transformed herself in finding her true purpose and passion for healing. In less than a year she became an international best selling author and turned her life around dramatically and became a mindset coach. 

This is when she became the antidote to the ‘victim mode’ she was in for such a long time. She realised she can control her life and to have life on her terms. This is what she now teaches others.

Deborah teaches a master class that crosses the bridge between mind and body – Accept the Diagnosis not the Prognosis frames the powerful message that you have the freedom to choose the outcome.

Deborah has been featured on Fox New Now, Fox 40, and Ted Ed just to name a few as well as several podcasts in her journey to inspire women to live their very best lives regardless of their current circumstances.

International Keynote Speaker/Podcaster International Bestselling Author

” Live in the version you wish to create. ”

After overcoming burnout working in surgery, Sabrina became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker and Advisor. Now she empowers ambitious health practice owners and their teams to build mental immunity so they can increase their team’s productivity while getting back 10 hours per week.

Her clients stop having endless to-do lists, constantly putting out fires, or are not able to move steadily forward.

She is still practising in surgery and empowering other healthcare leaders to have a double win in both work and life. That’s why people call her the Queen of Performance and Productivity.

Sabrina hosts the Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast and is an international bestselling author of the book, Asian Women Who BossUp.

She has been featured on KevinMD, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and spoken on numerous stages such as Fox, CBS, ABC, Nurse Keith Show, and  Live on Purpose Radio.

Want to restore your energy in 2 minutes and save 10 hours of work so you can get to do the things you love to do?

Pharmacist at Aydinlife Organic Pharmacy

‘Connection before Correction’

This is the motto that holistic pharmacist and health coach Hatice lives by. Channelling the wisdom gained from her own life’s struggles in managing the turmoil of emotions during times of loss and tragedy, Hatice believes that communication plays a central role in balancing mental and physical harmony and using the power of connection before correction and learning to communicate from the heart.

As the 7th child in her family, Hatice went into an existential crisis at 27y when she lost her mom and dad in an accident. At their young age of 62 and 64 years, the unexpected loss of both her parents at this time catalyzed the accident – what is it all about, trying to find the meaning of life.

Hatice remembers the common ideology of her childhood. It was one that complicated if not at times prevented the expression of vulnerability.


Sara Jager

Holistic Health Coach, Embodiment and Empowerment Mentor, Yoga Teacher Co-founder of Back to Balance Academy and Cultural Anthropologist.

“There is a deep need for us to be working with our own rhythm”

It’s rare that you find thought leaders with a credible blend between the spiritual and the practical. This cross over effect doused with a powerful dose of commitment to a cause she passionately believes in. This is what developed from her own struggle with perfectionism and the continuous disconnect between body and mind. A disconnect that marked the start of a powerful journey back to herself, laced with new insights that helped her weave threads back into harmony with her menstrual power as a woman. This then, the eventual catalyst into the way she serves other women with this intricate experience and embodied wisdom that was the result of it.

She focuses on and activates power, pleasure and purpose. Knowing how to work with our inner programming helps us work more intimately with our inner power. Sara learned a lot from the Maoris, shamans and healers who have this understanding of how humans work and how the universe works. They believe that there is a flow,  a current of universal energy and another flow of energy inside us. They have to be in sync and go in the same flow. If we are not working with our natural flow we are constantly going against our natural rhythm. This can lead to burnout and disease.

Award-Winning Empowerment Speaker | Mindset Mastery Mentor Tedx Presenter | Creator of LEAD™ method.

“Lead Boldly and Limitlessly”

Powerful Success Strategist Who Trains Powerful Women Influencers into becoming #1 and top priority in their industries and in their own lives without guilt or apology as they  Break Traditional Rules Of Success And Happiness and redefine who they are as women leaders on their own terms.

She is the #1 Leader for Leaders worldwide and a champion and mentor for women leaders everywhere. Sarah is an Award-Winning Global Empowerment Speaker, Leadership Development coach, career consultant, licensed clinical psychotherapist, Diversity and Inclusion corporate trainer, best Selling Author and TedX Presenter, who has transformed thousands of global leaders and influencers through her signature Limitless Leadership and Mindset Mastery framework.

Co-founder, CEO and chairman of the Expert Council of the ICANNA International Institute for cannabinoids, Assistant Professor at Alma Mater Europaea

“We are the ones responsible for our health”

Tanja Bagar explains that “Feminism is often equated with an uprising of fury of the women who dislike this or that that men do. Some even stretch it to be defined by an outright intolerance of men themselves. There is much misinformation about masculinity and femininity, and it’s time these become more understood and respected.

Having authored a book on the medical use of cannabis, Tanja states that it is the various socio-political, psychological and emotional undertones that have created and re-establishes gender inequalities. The emotion or approach to handling, eradicating or lobbying for attention to these ‘facts’ of inequality, is the route it takes. To explain further, she believes that there is a powerful adage that spiritual teachers often use to explain the misunderstanding that can happen so easily when we are ‘asked’ or even commanded to ‘see’ something.

Business Owner at Health Q Chiropractic, Initiator and Honorary President of Birth Forward, Chiropractor.

“Motherhood; the Perfect Storm leads back to the Self”

Eline says that women live in a lie thinking we have to fit into male jobs. Explaining the roles of a female from the Mediterranean Greek cultural norms is the one cooking and cleaning. She explains how these roles have somehow been sanctioned as lesser than being a CEO, running a company. This is something Eline has learned so much about all this from her mother, who elevates the idea of being fully in yourself. To do whatever is right for you to do is what should win out. To never downgrade yourself for what you end up doing, whatever skillset you choose.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, she believes in nature’s way of adapting to life and upholds the chiropractic philosophy that healing is an innate action – the body is a self-healing entity.

Eline works as a chiropractor with pregnant women, where she saw the necessity of a multidisciplinary birthing team to support pregnant and birthing women. It aids the best possible birth outcome, reducing stress and trauma during pregnancy, birth, and childhood. She believes that people are responsible for protecting each newborn, supporting its growth into a healthy, fearless individual, and this inspired Eline to initiate the NGO Birth Forward.

Menopause Holistic Health Consultant. Podcaster. Author. Speaker.

“Menopause can be your best Life Stage”

Now a Coach & Mentor for Executive Women in TRANSITION, Clarissa focusses on Resilience, Mindfulness, Wellness and mostly Menopause and lives in Västra Götaland County, Sweden. 

Clarissa Kristjansson burned out as a corporate woman. Recalling her tough childhood in our interview she highlights the breakthrough while training over three years to become a mindfulness practitioner, once she decided to break from this vocation. She discovered she had zero self-compassion. This is what she developed after realizing the negative impacts of being on high alert and trying to uphold impossible standards which was beautifully mixed with a special kind of imposter syndrome, even as a high performance.  

For her, the biggest lie is that we believe that we can have it all at the same time…. We are living up to some ideal that actually doesn’t exist. Saying it’s almost like we are “comparing your inside with everyone’s’ outsides”.…so we go around looking at all these women that look like they have it all together. Of course no –one has it all together.

Human Design Business Expert, Business Coach, International Public Speaker, Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of TownSquare Talk Show, President of Majestic Coaching Group

“We are totally responsible for our own healing”

You have to monitor the decisions you make, based on your values, not someone else’s way of living. Starting living from my own you are worthy, you are enough and you have the capacity to do whatever you want in your life and you stand values.

I am always a choice, I make those choices.

In her masterclass for the WOMEN OF TRUTH revolutionizing the future of women’s health, she launched into a detailed and depth filled presentation on How to set boundaries. This involves clarifying the values you have, the needs and my favorite, how to honor your boundaries… commitments and self made contracts on upholding these boundaries that serve your highest good.   

After a 35-year career in the IT industry, Pat Alva-Kraker was faced with a challenge that will alter her professional life forever.  Being a woman in a men’s world she was faced with a multitude of decisions that will determine her success and financial independence.  This is the pivotal point when Pat realized she could inspire other women to do the same and own their feminine power while living a successful lifestyle.

Medical Doctor, Conscious physician & mentor for natural healing and soulful living

“Our center is not broken… it is full of peace, harmony.”

Dr Tatjana teaches conscious feeling, from the idea that there is such a deep awareness that comes from being in contact with the feelings. Her work is steeped in compassion and reconnecting with the self and circulates a lot on self-love. The main theme of her programs is reconnecting with our own healer, with the healer inside, with our own center who we really are a… knowing who we are and what we actually are.
We often give so much she feels she is really good at helping people reconnect with themselves, to feel their joy, their love their power. This power is galvanized when the group merges. As a physician she has worked one on ones but truly transformational work happens from the online programs that provide such momentum and support from the women to each other. So much sharing is healing for each participant. “Our center is not broken”.
Broken are maybe our visions, Our beliefs but not our center. Our center is peace, harmony very powerful, joy and at the same time very gentle… everything inside.”

Co-founder/CEO of GRIT Academy. Multi-awarded personal & corporate advisor/mentor.  Transcultural Psychotherapist. Mentoring, coaching & breathwork Trainer. Co-creator of BQ – Breath Intelligence & GRIT Method.

“Together is Better“

When asked about a life changing moment, Viola recounts her life and then says :

“I couldn’t say what one big challenge is, it seems to me that every year or decade I have a new personal challenge and we as humanity face new ones…“Nevertheless, I would say one big challenge is to move from ignorance of being fixed in a paradigm…thinking that is the truth of all truth”

Viola is on the board of various humanitarian organizations and serves as Global Ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equality. With strategic partnerships and caring alliances her diverse and multicultural background, extensive 4 decades of experience, language skills,  commitment and love for humanity deepen her understanding and awareness of human and organizational behavior.

Executive Coach, Global Visionary, Clinical Psychologist, Peak Performance Strategist, Researcher, Drummer, Author

“What the world needs now is your vision and wisdom”

Helen believes we are all geniuses, miracles of nature and able to heal. If we remember that and do the deep inner work, then Down becomes Up everytime and we become our own alchemists. 

There are two brain science discoveries that have totally transformed how we think about life and our own potential. Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis speak to the power we have to regenerate even our brain cells, which activates more pathways into new realities and new versions of ourselves. That’s why we can never get stuck, sick or down for too long, there is always a way to build a growth mindset and or a new paradigm. There are multiple ways up the mountain which is meant for us to climb not hang heavy on our backs. Since covid we can only learn from leaders who have done this climb, like a dark night of the soul or a step into the void that teaches ultimate truths, deep mystical insights, AHA’s and humility for the journey we call life. 

“We are all geniuses, miracles of nature that must balance the polarity of being in a body, in 3d reality and work to reveal more of our essence”.

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