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Build A Legacy

Prime Networking and AHA Accelerator - 18 June 6-8pm cet

Bespoke Authority Marketing Done for you package with seo, personal branding, speaking expertise, hyperscaling, publications and and mastermind networking for leaders and experts.  

Part 1 :

Networking 6pm cet

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Part 2 :

Accelerating with Bespoke Expertise

Launch with Question Answers 7- 8pm cet

Join the tailored discussion with question answers about whats not working and how to fix it session on the transformative done for you personal branding package with experts Elena Andreou and Dr Angelica Benavides
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Up Your A.H.A. Mojo

Peak Performance Activation

Your key to unlocking a higher dimension of excellence.

Higher Love

Spiritual Growth Training

online Zoom

Our success in life can be measured by how well we can deal with contradictions, and balance our self-respect within it. 
This has been called a dialectic.
What is a dialectic in simple terms?
A dialectic is when two seemingly conflicting things are true at the same time. For example, “It’s snowing and it is spring”. You might also see dialectics when in conflict with other people. I like to think of it as having an elephant in the room with two blindfolded people on opposite ends of the elephant. Join me for a major shift in your relationships with yourself, your partner and life itself in three powerful mystical seminars. Tuesdays in July. 
higher Love 1

Lies on Love

The Oracle

The Dialectic

Yinalithea - Epic Truthteller Speach Training Tips

online Zoom

Plan your exceptional USP, Speaking visibility and Epic speach.  

Review the ideal speech for pioneers, thought leaders, innovators and seasoned experts template with me. Excellent food for thought for those looking and ready to expand and lead. Join us here, 6pm cet  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7406079891

Thursday 20 June 2024

Oracle - Truthteller June 30, July 7 6-730pm

Petra Tou Romiou, Cyprus

Join us for 2 transformative Truth Talk Circles with Meditation by the beach, where the soothing sounds of waves create the perfect natural setting to encourage you to step into your INNER ORACLE bravely. Embrace the power of storytelling and self-discovery as we gather together and foster deep connection. Let the serene environment inspire your inner courage and guide you through meditation to unlock first the lies you may still be telling yourselves

in the second circle we explore a deeper truth about you own being wherein. A  unique experience promises healing, empowerment, and a renewed sense of purpose. Embrace your journey with us and discover the strength within you to proceed in your life less deluded and more in connection with your soverign self .

The power of your emergence is unlocked by the mysteries of the violet flame, a high-frequency light that can use to change your life. Combined with 3 specific sounds I teach you to create, this light builds a high frequency activation for your career project, dream or mission.
The Violet Flame can help you bring your  intentions through your DIVINE MIND.

Violet Flame - 27-28 July

Kalo Chorio, Wildside Campground, Lms, Cyprus

The power of emergence unlocks the mysteries of the violet flame, a high-frequency light that you can use to change your life. First of 3 meetings Inspired of quantum growth from the AHA Formula : 
  •  A ἴᾱμα – healing the soul
  • H Harmonization – energising the soul
  • A Activation to emergence – emerge soul essence to balance 3-5D
Combined with sacred sound the vilolet flame light can absorb real life pain, ancestoral trauma residue and many of the current emotional charge from challenges we are now facing. Step with me into a sacred circle of truth telling to experience healing and cleansing with sound healing, energy medicine and specific psychological expertise.

Kalo Tierra WildSide Private Campground, Outside Kalo Chorio Village in Limassol. Exact location upon booking. To Book : Revolut 99238660 €60 per person
Includes :
Frame drum meditation, sound and rhythm circle, Kundalini For Breath Activations, Violet flame meditation, Talking Circle, Closing Ceremony. Following day Gift Sharing Circle, Compassion Key Technique Session for communal uplifting, shared meals.

Regular Events

Cyprus Ahanassa Retreat

             5 Day Divine Feminine Leadership Retreat 5-9 October    

                                       Discover Your Leadership Essence in Tranquil Cyprus:                                     A Retreat Tailored for Female Leaders with a Spiritual Edge

Nestled in tranquil landscapes, this unique experience in luxurious surroundings, and helps you unwind. Restore and rejuvenate with a touch of magic and mystical connection to nature, sea and sun. Meet  like-minded heartbased leaders and deepen your power and resilve to return renewed to your career and community .



Arrival Beach Bath and Dinner

  • Arrival Lunch 
  • Beach Bath and Celebration 
  • Tavern Dinner



Health & Healing

Aphrodites Sanctuary visit 

  • Aphrodites Temple Frame Drum Circle 
  • Village Fish Lunch 
  • Sunset Activation 



Heart To Divine Mind

Aphrodites Sanctuary visit 

  • Yoga 
  • Sacred Sound of the Inner Amrit 
  • Colour and Style   



Assembly Retreat

  • Aphrodites Sanctuary visit 
  • Aphrodites Temple Frame drum circle 
  • Village Fish Lunch 
  • Sunset Activation 

Investment : $1197 (Special offer €997)

Aphrodite Hills Resort and Hotel

Cyprus Women Of Truth Conference


1 Day Divine Feminine Leadership Conference Aphrodite Hills Hotel 5 October 

Health and Wellbeing for Women,  Emotional Honesty, Sovereignty and Divine Feminine Leadership. 

Aphrodite Hills Resort and Hotel

Investment : $1197 (Special offer €997)

Aphrodite Hills Resort and Hotel

Surrounded by the manicured greens of one of the island’s finest and sumptuous hotels with panoramic sea views with classic, clean and bright rooms with all the modern touches you’d expect from a luxury hotel. Weaves a mood of decadent island style rejuvenation ! 


Innovative programmes and solutions for today’s challenges for global corporations, SMEs, women leaders, young trailblazers.

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