Paradigm Shifting Leadership

Visionaries are ahead of their time, always thinking creatively and often envision what the future may hold and come up with innovative solutions that fit that picture.Visionary leaders can envision a company’s future and rally employees around a shared aspiration. clear idea of how the future should look. They set out concrete steps to bring a vision to life, and then they lead a team of people in that direction. These speaker slots  are designed for you if you’re:

  • Thinking about or planning your future with imagination, innovation  and learned wisdom.
  • A person with original ideas about what the future will or could bring.
  • Relating to or having the ability to visualise in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.
  • The Growth Mindset for Corporates
    •  On and offline webinars and retreats
  • U.P. Ultimate Peak Performance
    • Bespoke Executive Coaching with Strategic Thinking
  • From Public Speaker To Paradigm Shifter
    • Online Speaker Course at your pace with lazer coaching
  • The Leadership Chamber
    • Linchpin Leaders and HR Mastermind galvanizes leadership in epic times
  • Xtravisionary
    • A summit with pioneering minds and innovative thinkers for our future brilliance.

What people are saying about Helen:

Socrates Panayi

Founder of INTOKU Psychologist - Psychotherapist Business Consultant

“Heleniq is new-spirited psychologist with a wide understanding about several psychological subjects Her forward-thinking will help her clients develop a new self out of their issues or embrace their issues and make transform them from obstacles to opportunities Heleniq is not a person one can talk about, she is a person one can only experience a person with knowledge and spiritual depth.”

Michael Joos

Chief Executive Officer at Vestergaard

“I have known Heleniq for many years and she has worked with me on numerous occasions to provide team work and coaching services at Johnson & Johnson and elsewhere Heleniq is a highly talented coach and teamwork facilitator who quickly understands key learning requirements of teams or individuals and has demonstrated ability to put in place tools and action plans to address them in a collaborative and empathetic manner. Heleniq is very approachable, always professional and knowledgeable would highly recommend Heleniq for teamwork workshops or individual problem or career coaching.”

Mr. Hemal Patel

Assistant Professor & HOD, Applied Sciences and Humanities at Parul Polytechnic Institute

“I had the opportunity to work with Helen Argyrou as an International Speaker for the webinar “Psychology for Entrepreneurship” She is highly professional in our collaboration and communicated constantly to ensure a successful virtual event Great guidance was given for continuous efforts to develop skill in the field of Entrepreneurship It was a great experience to work with Helen Argyrou.”

Leadership is easy until..

If you lead a business, team or organization and want to obliterate myths and reinvent leadership join The Leadership Chamber. Like minded erudite professionals redefine what leadership means today so that they and their teams thrive in a changing world.


We question whether you have a clear picture of your organisation and your purpose as a modern leader. For instance, is the current structure agile and resilient? Are you and your colleagues operating on the cusp of overwhelm, chaos or high performance? Are you in survival mode or thriving? Do colleagues seek your approval before making a tiny decision or are they empowered to take the initiative and lead from within ?


We work with you to anticipate risk, test your leadership and resilience capabilities so that colleagues are empowered to make the right decision at the right time. We mentor leadership teams, facilitating peer-to-peer supervision before, during, and after major transformations. When the status quo is disrupted, for example, during mergers and when organizations scale up or downsize, leaders and their peers are confronted with the need to meet new expectations. This is also the case when there is a change of owner or CEO and when fundamental changes in strategic direction occur as a result of legal, market or policy changes.


Understanding leadership, trust or high-performance theory is different from real-world experience and knowing what it feels like when change occurs.

During our peer-to-peer sessions, training, and seminars, we emphasise practical application, best practice, and participants’ own experience.

The sessions are designed to share insights, provoke reflection and thought so that you can apply learnings in your own environment once you have completed a session.


Projects slip when colleagues are taken for granted, or there is a lack of clarity on who is accountable for what. Early warning signs of tension in a team are often overlooked until the risk escalates into a significant problem.

Our work focuses on supporting and coaching you and the linchpins in your organisation so that good decision-making and critical thinking are embedded within the team.

Anticipating consequences while understanding the group dynamic, creates space so you can lead, enabling timely decision-making and actions in your organisation.

The Leadership Chamber
Builds Resilience in a Dynamic World

The Leadership Chamber is a new style think tank and peer to peer review circle where leaders and teams explore and develop their leadership style in virtual and hybrid environments. Its purpose is to enable participants to redefine what leadership means today so that they and their organizations thrive.

We have had some amazing power hours since lock downs with incredible leaders from around the world:

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Founded by Sinead Hewson and Helen Argyrou, the chamber was born from a vision to provide leaders with a space to explore how they lead and help their teams to thrive in virtual and hybrid environments. Their approach is practical, pragmatic and governance-based. Insightful, scientific, innovative and analytical pioneering thought leadership is the chambers unique contribution.

FOUNDERS Helen Argyrou and Dr Sinead Hewson

Sinéad Hewson completed her PhD in TU Dublin, Ireland researching decision-making when communication is at the heart of an organisations’ strategy development. Her background is in health, business, and communication specialising in co-opetition, group dynamics, and gender equity. Based in the Netherlands, Hewson is a former Board Member of the European Institute of Women’s Health, former Chair of Education for the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. She sits on the advisory board of Women’s Business Initiative International and on the board of Irish mental health charity turn2me. Sinead speaks internationally and lectures at Webster University Leiden, is a guest lecturer in TU Dublin and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Dr. Sinead Hewson, Founder

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The Xtravisionaries Summit

An Amazing Lineup with Insightful content along the 5 levels of intelligence

Aerodyte guests and pioneering minds join us in mapping the future of innovation, leadership, femininity, emotions and divinity in a nightly slot of fascinating conversations. See also Sundays special panel feature with keynote address from Larisa Miller CEO of Phoenix Global on Women at work aptly coined – True Talks on FQ – with an impressive panel of women leaders, managers and CEOS.

  • UQ – uniqueness innovation, identity and authenticity 
  • LQ – leadership and pioneering
  • FQ – feminine intelligence – Larissa Miller Keynote 630pm
  • EQ – emotional intelligence youth and future prospects thereof
  • DQ – divinity and consciousness 


As the founder of HELEN AHA, clinical psychologist HELEN ARGYROU has created innovative programmes and solutions for today’s challenges for global corporations, SMEs, women leaders, young trailblazers dedicated to improving their health and entrepreneurs who want to make paradigm shifts in the way they lead and manage their businesses.

Helen AHA

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