Women Of Truth Integrative Health and Vision to Visibility Conference Avani + Palm Hotel, Dubai

The 6th Women of Truth Yinalithea Conference, the first on Integrative Health and the

first of its kind in Dubai, Avani +Palm Hotel.

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Thanking all our Esteemed Speakers and Nominees

Global Pioneers and Speakers

Larisa B. Miller

CEO, Phoenix Global LLC / President & CEO, Keystone Farm Future, Inc. / Award-winning International Keynote Speaker

Recently named:
– TOP 100 PEOPLE IN FINANCE by The Top 100 Magazine
– 100 GLOBAL WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE by Sovereign Magazine
– TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL FRIENDS OF AFRICA by For Business in Africa Magazine.

Coordinator and Founder at the A.C.HUEI TLAHTOLLI Interdisciplinary Anthropological Research Institute. With professional Ecological and Cultural Tourism with training courses in Shared Leadership, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and Stress Management and advanced techniques in ecology, applied psychology, body language management,  interhemispheric brain activators. Dr Patricia specialises in participatory dynamics in the development of the sense of observation, attention, concentration, learning and transmission of congruent behavior through the mirror of awake consciousness with ancestral rituals of the Mexican culture. Practice and Teaching of pre-Hispanic dance for the development of multiple intelligence skills, both in psychoanalytic therapy and in pedagogy. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual healing rituals and our relationship with the cosmic world. 

With an educational background in the Social Sciences, practical training, Rebeccah has a unique gifted way of working  with clients. Implementing Eastern Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Western Nutrition, Essential Oils for mental and emotional support, and Biofeedback using the Indigo and Genius Insights systems she gathers deeper insights with her clients. Through Hypnotherapy, a new skill she recently acquired, her clients receive much needed support that allows them to feel REFRESHED, RENEWED and EMPOWERED. She helps them TRANSFORM their challenge into a WIN. Currently living in New Zealand she is also offers retreats and soon more of her services online. Nominated for the Health Thought Leader Award by Amy Lin, Rebeccah  is also sponsring the event. 

Dr Criselda Kananda is a multifaceted figure, embodying roles as a mother, broadcaster, businesswoman, and wellness advocate. With a challenging history full of tough to bear experiences, the triumphs Dr Kananda has lived are inspirational. From this journey and further to this she expanded. Leaving a successful sales and marketing career, she founded Positive Talk Services, a wellness communications company, while holding executive positions at 3Sixty Global Solutions and serving on various boards. Her global influence extends through speaking engagements and media appearances, championing human development and wellness across various well established media platforms.  

Founder and CEO at Nabta Health • Reimagining women’s health in the Middle East & Africa

Women’s health in emerging markets remains underserved and under-researched. By combining the best of digital and traditional healthcare, NAPTA can detect, diagnose, and treat chronic diseases from home, by using specific health goals, and offering services which are both affordable and accessible. All our membership plans offer 24/7 hotline access, monthly walk-in clinics (where we also provide childcare for children under the age of 3, as we know how important it is to take some time for you!), the ability to download and access our App for ongoing goal setting, tracking and education, and  peace of mind that all services we offer are 100% confidential.

International Speaker, Award Winning Author, Holistic Health Practitioner, Tackle & Talk Founder, Impacting Women & Gen Z Globally. Ambassador.

As CEO of Tackleandtalk.com, a respected international speaker, Dr Hanan is an influential health thought leader. She serves as an Ambassador for the Global Union in Egypt, advocates for women’s rights, leadership, and humanitarian causes. GU’s Global Committee Member,   Ambassador of-in Office of-to the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Special Envoy of its Global Medical-Care Ministry-Department.  Humanitarian Aid & Charity Affairs, Delegate of the GU’s First Lady’s Global Office, Youth Associations, Equal and Peace Affairs. supportive.

Vibrational Healer; Musician, Poet, Founder Shruti Foundation; Heritage Conservationist, Educationist, Entrepreneur Healing/Hospitality/Tourism. More specialties include Spiritual teacher, Educationist and Mentor,  Founder – Nada Vibronics Healing Ecosystem, Heritage Conservationist, Convener INTACH Shekhawati Chapter, Teacher of Indic Wisdom, Involved with Education, Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, grassroots development,  Traditional Knowledge Systems, Women’s Empowerment, Sciences, Village Development, Environment, Indian Wisdom, Indigenous healing, Vibrational healing, Motivational speaking, Anthropology, Upanishads, Vedic wisdom, Srividya and other indigenous sciences and practices. 

Clinical Psychologist, Leadership Excellence Coach, Women of Truth and Integrative Health Conference Founder|The Biggest Lie Women Believe Author |Neuroscience FlowMojo™ Researcher. 
Helen is born and bred in Africa now in Cyprus after a innovative psychology career took her drum therapy to 13 countries. Now fshe elevates Visionary Leaders Speakers, Pioneers and Change Agents called to _Shift the Paradigm_ in their industry. Requested by educational ministries, International Networks and awarded by the United Nations Development Project, uniting Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth into ‘ONE Heartbeat Cyprus’ Drum project across the divided island, Helen gather great hearts and minds.  Her research on 100 interviews on how women construct identity and their own gender bias, a thesis on Drag Artists ‘Delusions of GlamDear’ led to her current study of the New Femininity about Female Leadership infused with spirituality and divinity. 
Professional Qualifications:
• Member of the The General Healthcare System of Cyprus (GESY)
• Accredited Senior Practitioner / Executive Coach  (EMCC)
• Member of The Cyprus Psychologists Association (CYPSA )
• iEQ9 Assessor Trainer /Coach— EnneagramPersonality Profiling
• CEO /Founder of Women of Truth Yinalithea & Speaker Curator
• Strong Institute Entrainment Autism, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety Mentor .
• Ambassador for Female Wave of Change, & Integrative Health
• Award winner of Exceptional Woman of Excellence, Transformational Leader, UNDP Peace Grant, SHE Entrepreneurs.
• Invited &Accredited Trainer For Ministry of Education Cyprus
• Ambassador for  The Unified Human Foundation UK, USA, India, Australia. 
• Global Goodwill My Body My Body ChildAbuse prevention Cyprus

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop


Cash Flow Business Strategist that Positions Women Entrepreneurs on Stages around the Globe. Dr Tina became a teenage mom at 19years old and her daughter became her WHY – why she had to graduate, why she had to be extremely successful, why she could never be poor, why she had to give back and WHY she could NEVER quit! After a Full Academic Scholarship medical training at University Keck School of Medicine, she discovered she was chronically unemployable and joined a Network Marketing company. With no prior experience she became the #1 Recruiter for 3 years and the #4 Income Earner. Mentored or sharing stages with Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell today Dr Tina is proud to have multiple streams of income, a MULTIPLE 6-figure coaching platform impacting Women Globally while allowing her time and freedom to travel and enjoy friends & family.

COO of Assured Fertility,  Consultant for Fertility and Birth, Higher Education Lecturer,  International Speaker, Coach, Vice President of Non Profit Organisation for Birth in Cyprus. 
Dimitra is a mom of two, a much loved facilitator for women with fertility and birthing challenges. She stand for motherhood and healthy birthing procedures and was  nominated for the Women of Truth Health Thought Leader award by the late Dr Eline Pedersen. 

FRSA (MODI KA PARIVAR) Royal family UAE business advisor, UN Women U.K. World Economic Forum, Hera group, INT Partner WBAF, BJP leader, Commonwealth, N20 chair G20, British Film Festival, Project Rozana, Arab Union, IDFL, Envoy To Mayor CEO & Managing Director – Deuchakar Group of Companies UK & Deuchakar CIC Vice President Council of international chambers of commerce. Additional Director – Asia Africa development Council Head of Foreign Affairs, Arab union for sustainable Development and world peace Advisory board Asian African Commerce & Commerce Industry. Executive Member, Board of Advisors Leaders without Borders Development Centre, Advisory board Hadarat global UAE, Board of advisor/ Chief Executive of Strategic Development IAMA &FIP

Leader, Editor and Founder of S.H.E. (Society for Hispanic Entrepreneurs) | Mentor Honoris Causa | Author | International Speaker I CEO Business Fit Magazine.

Veronica helps elevate sustainable business with personal development & global bridge building through her S.H.E. -The Society for Hispanic Entrepreneurs platform. She shares fundamental tools that a GREAT leader must have TODAY! 

President and Group Managing Director of Prihatin Group build and maintain university and full fledged developer Real estate company. Dr Hartini has honorary recognition for her extensive work always beyond the call of duty. She has experience working already for 30 years in adverstising,  construction, trading, development, consultancy, cosmetics, interior and architecture industries. She has knowledge in specialised stones and finishes, wood work funiture too.

Dr Osman  is currently the CEO of a concession owned company and on the board of trustees in YBK overseeing project and CSR programme and manages to arrange various projects and philantrophy work.

I help entrepreneurs to awaken their potential so they can manifest their next level of wealth, purpose, and transformation with ease and flow.

I show service based entrepreneurs how to create a quantum leap in both their professional lives and personal lives by teaching them how to harness the power of their mind and how to tap into their infinite potential so they can live a life full of purpose, passion, and opulence.

Pharmacist at Aydinlife organic pharmacy.


Connection before Correction, the motto that holistic pharmacist and health coach Hatice lives by. Channelling the wisdom gained from her own life’s struggles in managing the turmoil of emotions during times of loss and tragedy, Hatice believes that communication plays a central role in balancing mental and physical harmony and using the power of connection before correction and learning to communicate from the heart.


Founder and CEO at GreenTech Laboratories, Inc. Deep Tech Vedic Science- BioEnergy & Photonics- Transformational Ayurveda- Soul Science & God Tech -Social impact driven, dynamic and multi-faceted Physician and Chief Executive Officer. Extensive experience in Medical/Regulatory Affairs, Healthcare Service Operations, Healthcare Intelligence Solutions, HR solutions, Sales Cycle Management, KOL- Physician & Thought Leader Development, CEO/COO, Start-ups, Medical Education and Training with Sales/Marketing Planning. Change agent and accomplished problem-solver at the highest strategic levels. Results-driven ethical leader with the ability to create vision, get results and drive the achievement of ambitious goals.

Clinical Dietitian (HCPC) & Clinical Nutritionist (MSc), Food Design & Technology (BA), Founder of Healthy Woman Magazine and Nutribar Healthy Living, Head of Clinical Dietetics Department at Melathron. After years of relationship with food and her body, Anna decided to take control of her life and learn as much as possible about nutrition, studying Food Design and Technology (BA), Dietetics and Nutrition (BSc) and obtaining a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition (MSc). Passionate about teaching women all over the world how to reset their thinking through personalized nutrition plans to suit  lifestyle, working hours, and eating habits for a healthy mind and a healthy gut, she encourages women to love their bodies and reward themselves with great food, without feeling deprived, while working towards optimal nutrition.

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop

As a business strategist and branding expert, Nousheen consults rising and growing businesses for futurist strategies. Known as a corporate business PR and branding powerhouse, she  works with diverse business industries like healthcare, corporate, trade, finance, education, art, fashion and retail, F&B, company incorporation in the UAE, investments, digitization and technology. She empowers and mentors growing women entrepreneurs to explore business avenue in Dubai. Her Awards include:
1. Most Inspiring Pakistani Woman Leader 2022 (Berkley M. East)
2. Business Influencer 2022 & Honor Award 2023 (WeTel TV, Dubai)
3. Corporate Lady in Business 2022 (She Awards by LinBiz)
4. Most Powerful Woman Leader 2021 (CIO Times UK)
5. Woman Achiever by De MontFort University, Dubai (2024)
6. Influential Business Networker 2021 (Tablon)
7. Inspiring Woman Business Leader 2021 (GCC Royals on National Day Pakistan)
8. Top Woman in Media 2022 – Woman of Stature Awards S.Africa
elena andreou speaker at women conference agenda
Driving Business Growth by Empowering and Maximizing Digital Authority -SEO Specialist, Business Strategist, Personal Branding Consultant. Developing Digital Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement Through a Spherical Approach to Search Engine Optimization, Personal Branding, Data Analysis, Social Networking, and Research on Competition. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Digital Marketing, Elena hasher focus is on SEO the last 7 years. After studying Business Administration and Marketing she specialized in Digital Marketing, SEO, and data analysis using R Programming and Python. Now she is researching gender stereotypes and personal branding through her doctoral studies. She is owner and founder of Go Digital Globally (a Cypriot Digital Marketing Agency, The Life Winners Association (a Business Networking Community), IFE Magazine, and the Go Digital Cyprus Conference.

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop


Award Winning  Sheinspires and SheCyprus Events and Seminars Founder, Winner of the 20 Succesful People of the Republic of Cyprus Awards 2020 for  community service. Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker, Paola Savva organizes quality events for Personal/ Spiritual development, professional or specialized conferences like the 2014 s’ She_Woman Conference. After 30years in Banking Sectors’  managerial positions and 35 in organizing charitable events, (Radio Marathon, Lions Club/Vice President, BPW/Vice President, Cyprus Volleyball Organization, Center of Adults with Special needs -Color of Life) and  panellinium distinctions in sport, easily she switched to  running events that uplift & inspire.



Thanking our other interviewees WOMEN OF TRUTH who are featured in our book : 
Deborah Cherrey, Dr Eline Pedersen, Sabrina Runbeck, Alex Vitillo, Clarissa Kristjansson, Dr Sarah Langley, Pat Alva Kraker

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"Your Story Matters"

Known as Dr. B., the Ultimate Legacy Builder, Angelica increases visibility, exposure, and influence helping entrepreneurs globally. Using storytelling to share your unique life journey as a method of healing is her big thing. She helps you discover why so often women tell themselves the biggest lie – that they don’t have the courage and bravery to overcome the biggest hurdles and challenges life throws at them.
Storytelling is an important social aspect of life, and your life should be remembered.

She is a Badass Influencer, an Ultimate Legacy Builder, A World-Class Storyteller & Best Selling Author and Publisher.  She has been featured on NBC, USA Today, Fox, and recognised as an Amazing Women of Influence. She shared a Global Virtual Stage with Forbes Riley, Bill Walsh, Ragne Sinkas, Joe Vitale, and Dr. Freddy Behin.

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop

“We are the ones responsible for our health”

Co-founder, CEO and chairman of the Expert Council of the ICANNA International Institute for cannabinoids, Assistant Professor at Alma Mater Europae, Tanja Bagar explains that “Feminism is often equated with an uprising of fury of the women who dislike this or that that men do. Some even stretch it to be defined by an outright intolerance of men themselves. There is much misinformation about masculinity and femininity, and it’s time these become more understood and respected. Having authored a book on the medical use of cannabis, various socio-political, psychological and emotional undertones help create and re-establishes gender inequalities for her. The emotion or approach to handling, eradicating or lobbying for attention to these ‘facts’ of inequality, is the route it takes. To explain further, she believes that there is a powerful adage that spiritual teachers often use to explain the misunderstanding that can happen so easily when we are ‘asked’ or even commanded to ‘see’ something beyond explanation. 

https://www.linkedin.com/in/hatice-ozalp-99b68b131/With wisdom gained from her own life’s struggles in managing the turmoil of emotions during times of loss and tragedy, Hatice believes that communication plays a central role in balancing mental and physical harmony and using the power of connection before correction and learning to communicate from the heart.

As the 7th child in her family, Hatice went into an existential crisis at 27y when she lost her mom and dad in an accident. At their young age of 62 and 64 years, the unexpected loss of both her parents at this time catalyzed the accident – what is it all about, trying to find the meaning of life.

Hatice remembers the common ideology of her childhood. It was one that complicated if not at times prevented the expression of vulnerability.

“There is a deep need for us to be working with our own rhythm”

Holistic Health Coach, Embodiment and Empowerment Mentor, Yoga Teacher Co-founder of Back to Balance Academy and Cultural Anthropologist. With a credible blend between the spiritual and the practical Sara has this cross over effect doused with a powerful dose of commitment to a cause she passionately believes in. This is what developed from her own struggle with perfectionism and the continuous disconnect between body and mind. A disconnect that marked the start of a powerful journey back to herself, laced with new insights that helped her weave threads back into harmony with her menstrual power as a woman. This then, the eventual catalyst into the way she serves other women with this intricate experience and embodied wisdom that was the result of it.

“Together is Better"

Co-founder/CEO of GRIT Academy. Multi-awarded personal & corporate advisor/mentor and author.  Transcultural Psychotherapist. Mentoring, coaching & breathwork Trainer. Co-creator of BQ – Breath Intelligence & GRIT Method. Viola is on the board of various humanitarian organizations and serves as Global Ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equality. With strategic partnerships and caring alliances her diverse and multicultural background, extensive 4 decades of experience, language skills,  commitment and love for humanity deepen her understanding and awareness of human and organizational behavior. Viola serves as Global Ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equality, building strategic partnerships and caring alliances. Her diverse and multicultural background, 4 decades of experience, commitment and love for humanity has given her deep understanding and awareness of human and organizational behavior.

“What the world needs now is your vision and wisdom”

Helen believes we are all geniuses, miracles of nature and able to heal. If we remember that and do the deep inner work, then Down Becomes Up everytime and we become our own alchemists. Two recent brain science discoveries evidence this : Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. They reveal the power we have to regenerate even our brain cells, activating more pathways into new realities and new versions of ourselves. So we can never get stuck, sick or down for too long, there is always a way up, to a growth mindset and or a new paradigm. There are many ways up the mountain and one, that confronts a dark night of the soul. Now we can only learn from leaders who have done this climb, who step into the  fertile void to learn ultimate truths, deep mystical insights, AHA’s and humility for the journey we call life. “We are all geniuses, miracles of nature that must balance the polarity of being in a body, in 3d reality and work to reveal more of our true essence”.


A senior-level industry Executive in C-level roles and a cancer immunotherapy expert, creative and entrepreneurial attitude has led multiple Haematology/Oncology assets in clinical development.  innovative Immuno-Oncologist in excellent position to capitalise on scientific, medical affairs, clinical R&D, regulatory and people management expertise, significantly enhanced through exposure to NHS/ academic and business commercial industry settings. As a cell and gene therapy expert – highly motivated, and along with passion, commitment and a professional attitude related to how I can personally add value as a leader in delivering transformational patient-centric solutions that prolong and improve cancer patient lives.

Post humanist medical Dr./ Founder, Consultant at Genuine Human Being/ Founding President Unified Human Foundation UK, USA, India, Australia. With over 23 Years of Success in Health, Longevity and Regeneration Globally. Spending her entire career in multi-faceted aspects of health, medicine and organisation systems. She also has an MBA from ESSEC in Paris. She created a an individual and organisational development accelerator program for transformation using her whole systems approach. Dr Sangeeta holds strong conviction in the effectiveness of dealing with physical, mental, spiritual and social as a single entity. Her creation of the Conscious Cancer Program® became her entrance to a global audience; with proven success worldwide Recently she focusses on health, filmmaking and educating end-users and professionals on the importance of clean energy, natural health and healing processes, food security and integral community and cultural regeneration.

Founder & Creator of The Possibility Hub. As an NLP Master Trainer & respected expert & authority on NLP I utilize its many tools and techniques to create rapid shifts with groups and individuals, along with PSYCH-K®, Time-Line Therapy™, Hypnosis, Sound Healing, Light Language, Bio-geometry and breakthrough experiences, such as fire-walking… one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools. There’s a reason I’m called ‘the FIRE-STARTER!’ You’ll often find me ‘firing up’ teams to teach them how to walk across burning hot coals of around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.


Breast Health Expert with 17 years of experience | Founder Bebreastaware Organization |I Help Women Overcome Breast Health Challenges and Achieve Optimal Breast Wellness | OBGYN Ultrasound Consultant. Dr. Jawad Mustafa, with over 17 years of experience as a Family Physician, has joined Global Care Consult, a Florida-based startup focused on holistic breast health. As an Online Ultrasound Coach, Telemedicine Consultant, and founder of BeBreastAware, Dr. Mustafa provides vital support and education on reducing breast cancer risk. He teaches self-exams, identifies risk factors, guides healthcare navigation, and offers personal coaching. Additionally, he launched the Medscope blog in 2022, underscoring his commitment to better healthcare and breast cancer awareness.


Maria Del Carmen Santiago Valentin received the Walden University Leadership Excellence Award in 2024 and was named the SCVTHS Educational Services Professional of the Year. He was recognized by Wintrade Global in 2021 and was ranked among the Top 100 Latinos in New Jersey in 2020. Additionally, he was honored as a Changemaker by NJLCV in 2022 and received the USC-St. Rose Duchesne Medal for Reading and Literacy. Dr. Mustafa is a Learner-Centered Curriculum Writer, a specialist in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities, and an evaluator for theory or stakeholder-driven educational programs for grant funding purposes. He also works as a Special Ed Educational Evaluator, presents on Learners’ Academic Achievement, Diversity, and Inclusion, and writes on supportive literacy collaborative and assessment approaches.

With an educational background in the Social Sciences, practical training and working with clients and implementing Eastern Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Western Nutrition, Essential Oils for mental and emotional support, and Biofeedback using the Indigo and Genius Insights systems to gather deeper insights with my clients. And now through Hypnotherapy I can offer my clients the much needed support that allows YOU to feel REFRESHED, RENEWED and EMPOWERED. I will help you TRANSFORM your challenge to a WIN

Schedule a Connect & Clarify complimentary call with me:


Design with Moss with Laura Efthymiou

Interior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop

As an interior designer at Design With Moss, I combine beauty, nature, and art to create unique and natural decorations with stabilized lichens and moss. I help people to offer customized gifts and create one-of-a-kind living moss walls for their homes, hotels, cafes, or offices, matching their preferences and needs.  

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop


Well-known Pakistan media personality with a high level of acclaim, Atiya has undertaken leadership and pioneering roles in the fields of directing, producing, presenting, modelling and acting for the advertising and television industry. Designs merge with active participation and patronage of Sufism after meeting her teacher Shaykh Nazim in 2001. She launched her spiritual clothing brand Arizai in 2022, embellished with a sacred symbol from various faith traditions intricately hand embroidered, each one an amulet of power and protection. Soulful and ethereal, the finest artisan loomed natural fabrics in cotton, linen and silk, the  clothes are breathable and very comfortable to wear. Featuring cuts and designs that are simple and timeless.

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop


Future 2025 Nominations :

HGEIA Integrative Health Though Leaders 

Dr Sangeeta Sahi – Conscious Cancer © Program

Dr Marike Crohns – Fight Cancer Global 

Nataliya Storozhylova – Quantum Psychologist 

Jana Bartlett Alonso – The School Integrative Healing

THEMIS Women of Great Vision

Dr Tina D. Lewis, Dr Angelica Benavides, Lisa E. Jones,  Elissar Farah Antonios, Cheryl Douglas,  Shanne Saunders, Prof. Shirley  Louis HM

1st degree connectionInterior Designer I Design With Moss | Preserved Moss I Lichens I Moss Artist I Biophilic Designs I Home Decor I Preserved Moss Walls I Moss and Craft Workshop | Craft Workshop