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About Helen

As the founder of HELEN AHA, clinical psychologist HELEN ARGYROU has created innovative programmes and solutions for today’s challenges for global corporations, SMEs, women leaders, young trailblazers dedicated to improving their health and entrepreneurs who want to make paradigm shifts in the way they lead and manage their businesses.

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Helen trains and develops tomorrow’s leaders and helps them evolve a deeper understanding about the body-mind integration for wellness and achieve harmony with their work-life balance. Helen’s coaching work focuses on working with clients to help them develop and improve on their own potential, take the centre-stage to speak to audiences and lead teams with authenticity.
At its core, Helen’s uniquely successful approach delves into neuroscience and pivots her 25 years of experience as crisis counsellor, therapist into developing Peak Performance coaching and training for the discerning leader, to empower young entrepreneurs with tangible cutting-edge solutions to rise to the challenges of the competitive business world, and to bring great thought leaders and inspiring trailblazers together annually to share and exchange ideas with each other on a variety of topics (plug here link to her conferences).
Helen deeply values the synergies and collective power of her Women of Truth advocates who as her power partners have built a robust and passionate circle of leaders who generously share their wisdom, offer their mentorship and advice to those who seek such support.

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What is AHA?


Once we learn to live consciously, and on purpose we can attract a higher destiny. We start to become creators of a better world, and a higher order. This means galvanising the forces within and those around us that want greatness, and the greater good for all. In this way we ATTRACT and elevate to our higher destiny ... We can move mountains with this power source.


Aha itself represents the state of mind we can achieve by using most of our capacity and brain power. Connecting right and left brain hemispheres we activate self-mastery and flow, we resonate with higher frequencies, and tune into a sense of oneness. A special magic unfolds as we begin to easily synchronize, magnetising and galvanise a higher purpose and HARMONISE with the unified field of existence.


After diving into the depths of our soul, we meet our Shadow by uncovering and clearing repressed emotions and behaviours, we return to our wholeness through self-compassion. We then set Intentions for our lives; we create what we desire as an expression of our highest potential. This helps us carve out our Purpose, our level of genius and sense of meaning. We start living on purpose and ARRIVE as a true conscious version of our highest self.


4 AHA's

Helen specialises in using the power of rhythm to develop the brain. Having written researched and presented on the neuroscience of rhythm and entrainment, her events and HEARTCHILD Home intervention program offer therapeutic benefits for Autism, ADD ADHD, Anxiety and reduces symptoms of many conditions and restores family harmony.

YinAlithea- Women of Truth Helen elevates thought leader and speaker experts on body and mind integration, connecting spirit with science to revolutionise the future of womens health. Apply to present your masterclass while we promote you, invite you to mastermind and speak at our Cyprus conference.

Is a virtual think tank where leaders and teams explore and develop leadership styles for virtual and hybrid environments. Exchange with pioneering minds, and world leaders, chartering the new wave of company culture… become the eye of the storm amidst the winds of change and lead your team to thrive.

Paradigm Shifter Speaker Training
As a Dynamic Leadership awarded speaker trainer, Helens’ innovative and exclusive bridge training from public speaking to epic thought leader, paradigm shifter teaches you to generate new leads, pivot your business to maximise relevance and present global change solutions for SDG. All to ensure your uniqueness as an outstanding speaker.


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Growth Mindset

Peak Your Performance

Helens Viral Video


Some of Helen AHA’s services

Book a HEARTCHILD PROGRAM discovery call to discover ways to harmonies your family

Coaching and Mentoring

Executive and Leadership coaching.
Entrepreneurship and Small business development mentoring and coaching.

Adult Psychotherapy and Family interventions

Assisting individuals, couples and families to find renewed health and harmony.

Psychotherapy Intervention

With Enneagram Personality Testing (private psychotherapy practice in Limassol, Cyprus and online).

HeartChild Programme

HeartChild Programme

Our Events

Come Onboard and Join us in Our Upcoming Events


Date: 1-3 October 2021

Divine Mother Online Conference and Art Music Poetry Exhibition.



Date: 1, 2 & 3 October 2021

Divine Mother Online Conference and Art Music Poetry Exhibition.


Women of Truth for Youth Summit

Date: 4-10 October 2021

Women of Truth for Youth Summit Conference and Art Music Poetry Exhibition.