Elevate your Destiny
Attract – Harmonize – Arrive

When I started investing in relationships with incredible people globally my future started changing… thats where I started harmonsing the rhythm of my own drum with universal truth. Amazing opportunities opened up and I began to discover even more powerful ways to contribute. After raising over 260 speakers to my on and offline stages I learned to curate original, outstanding, conscious content and boost authority, credibility with powerfully position thought leadership, speaking & publicity of those in my circles. My promise to you then, is to help you heal what you need to, to elevate your thinking so you tap your greatest talent and in lazer like speed radiate it out limitless. I share my global network with you and all I’ve learned in 25 years as a clinical psychologist, neuroscience researcher working in 13 countries and from becoming what some are calling a Neo Shaman from my love for drumming and quantum science. We are a team and I am at your service !  

 I have 3 IP’s which teach my AHA formula advance your growth to your highest performance…”

What is the AHA experience ?



Learn to live consciously, and on purpose, setting clear intentions for your life and ATTRACT your higher destiny.


Connect your right and left brain hemispheres, integrate your senses for self-mastery and flow that resonates with higher frequencies and HARMONIZES a sense of oneness with all things and the unified field of existence.


As we set clearer intentions and re-calibrate repressed emotions, stuck thinking and old paradigms to return to our wholeness through self-compassion, we ARRIVE into our true purpose, level of genius and powerful unique sense of meaning.


Learn to live into a growth mindset, cleanse and reinvent yourself as you discover and master your own higher functioning frequencies, create powerful visions that arrive into your outstanding life.

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Paradigm Shifter 

Is a virtual think tank where leaders and teams explore and develop leadership styles for virtual and hybrid environments. Exchange with pioneering minds, and world leaders, chartering the new wave of company culture… become the eye of the storm amidst the winds of change and lead your team to thrive.

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Women of Truth

YinAlithea- Women of Truth Helen elevates thought leader and speaker experts on body and mind integration, connecting spirit with science to revolutionise the future of womens health. Apply to present your masterclass while we promote you, invite you to mastermind and speak at our Cyprus conference.

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AHADrum inspired!

Helen specialises in using the power of rhythm to develop the brain. Having written researched and presented on the neuroscience of rhythm and entrainment, her events and HEARTCHILD Home intervention program offer therapeutic benefits for Autism, ADD ADHD, Anxiety and reduces symptoms of many conditions and restores family harmony.

The Aha Experience and Services

What people are saying about Helen:

Dr Eline Pedersen

Business Owner at Health Q Chiropractic

“A woman of magical intuitive connection and love! If you have not worked with her yet ITS TIME!”

Dr. Smriti Dutta

Project development & management

“Heleniq is a wonderful genuine person. She is sophisticated and talks so beautifully. Every logic in her communication makes sense. She is wonderful to work with which makes it easy to collaborate. Her energy is contagious.”

Dr Satnam Deuchakar

Founder /CEO at Deuchakar Trust

“I adore her passion for women empowerment. She’s a dear friend and very supportive human working constantly for humanitarian assistance.”

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