When the drummers were women, they used rhythm to honour the great Goddess of Cyprus. Clearing their head, the rhythm guided them to unite with the universal ‘flow’ of life. Similar to the peak performance state that neuroscientists iconoclise with athletes -the best ‘flow’ hackers, drumming can encourage a near exponential growth in human performance.
After purifying the brain ancient cypriot drummers tuned their minds to be suitable for divination. Linked to goddess cults, rhythm sanctified natural feminine mystique. Emblematic of the moon as the mother of rhythm, a woman holding a frame drum became the symbol of the moon goddess, the mother of rhythm governing the oceanic tides, mother of creativity & transformation.
In antiquity sound was sacred; bee priestesses could ‘read’ the future of crop harvest from listening to the hum of bees. Probably because the first sound we hear is the pulse of our mother’s blood. Vibrating to this primordial pulse before we have ears to hear, we rock to the pulsing fluid up and down her spine. In the womb of our grandmother, the original egg from before our conception follows the drum like pulse of her heartbeat. Later in our mothers womb our cells grow from this vibrational inspiration.
Emulating this sound and diversifying its rhythm, it can return us to the preconscious state, to primordial structures of mind, to the power and the source of who and what we actually are.  All of consciousness existing everywhere, within everything, beyond past, present or future becomes ours when we drum, and we become the truth.
Alpha females in male dominated world systems relinquish femininity to competition, antagonism and self betrayal. Submissive females also reflect the ruptured femininity of our planet and still, the feminine power rises. Outstandingly, we witness the descent of the female illusion. Objectifed or sexualized women in isolation from the truth of the greater whole of who she is and what she can become, bores us.
The hairy offspring dilemmas of this wounded feminine calls us back to the truth of our god essence. A pathway to truth of our nature beyond patriarchy awakens. 
Remembering this sacred drumming union women catalysed with the ‘truth’ helps reinstate the sacred and divine feminine. Tied to tantric wisdom, this divine feminine can repair the masculine feminine divide and build bridges between the sexes and to our own essence, strenghened from the pulse of your beating drum. 
With it We learn to live on our own terms, accepting and respecting all of ourselves and reclaim our spiritual legacy as our nectar. As an enigmatic force of creation we never resort to what others need us to be. We must uphold truth. 
…Women on fire, of power and change, pulsing to the beat of own drum, but still and always, in rhythm, as one.